One plant, that's all it takes


One plant, that's all it takes
One plant, that's all it takes
One plant, that's all it takes
One plant, that's all it takes

One plant, that's all it takes

12th January 2017

One plant. That’s all it takes

As this is my first ever blog I thought “let’s keep this simple”. I work in an industry that is for ever changing as new designs, concepts and products flood our marketplace. The hot topic at the moment is Biophilic Design. Everyone is dropping in the term in office design circles and there is an ever increasing amount of information available on the subject. You will be forgiven in thinking that your office needs 100msq green wall, 250 palm trees, wooden clad meeting pods and glass slides that link one part of the office to another, passing outside the building and sweeping under the office pond to the coffee shop.  

Yes, all of the above is great and I challenge anyone not to agree. But wow, how on earth can you encourage the office design team to think like that? Start simple. One plant. That’s all.  

Just one plant can have a very positive effect on your mood. Plants make people happy. I could, and possible will in the future, write about the numerous research that has been conducted on having plants in the office, but I’m keeping this simple.

Below are three great plants that will improve your work station, cost very little, are easy to care for and will make you happy at work. Obviously if you consider yourself as being “already happy” at work then the plants will work hard for you in other ways. Having plants in the office has been proven to make people more creative and everybody could do with a bit more creativity. Jobs and projects piling up with deadlines looming? Stay focused and breath, your plant will benefit you, helping you to concentrate when trying to meet that deadline. That should, at the very least, make your boss happy.

And seriously, these plants are easy to look after. If you have ‘black thumbs’ or find yourself saying “I always kill my plants at home” these are the office plants for you.

Plant: Cactus

Sunlight: Bright

Water: Every Other Week

Perfect Placement: Windowsill

Perfect office worker: Sales exec clocking up the frequent flyer miles

Plant: Mother-in-laws tongue

Sunlight: Low to Bright, Indirect

Water: 1x/ 2 Weeks or Less

Perfect Placement: Desk top away from direct sunlight

Perfect office worker: Killer of plants

Plant: Zamia

Sunlight: Low to Bright, Indirect

Water: 1x/ 3 Week or Less

Perfect Placement: Anywhere

Perfect office worker: Black Thumb

Plant: Succulent

Sunlight: Bright

Water: 1x / Week

Perfect Placement: Desk

Perfect office worker: Creatives