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Greener Buildings

20th March 2017

Mobilanes outdoor product range

As our cities develop, architects and designers are facing greater environmental challenges within the built environment. Here we look at three sytems Mobilane has developed that can help meet those challenges, harmonising the modern city with nature.


The patented LivePanel system is an innovative vertical landscaping application. A unique system has been developed for green façades and walls on the basis of 80 years of landscaping experience. LivePanel is a sustainable ‘living wall’ system for both indoors and outdoors. So-called ‘living walls’ or ‘green walls’ are becoming enormously popular and are helping to make more and more urban areas greener.

The LivePanel system easily transforms cold walls into a warm, living surface. LivePanel is a modular living wall system with exchangeable plant cassettes. The cassettes consist of cups in which plants are placed. Each row of cassettes is placed in a duct rail that also serves as a water reservoir. The plant absorbs water from the duct via a capillary system.

LivePanel can be used for various vertical landscaping applications: allow your creativity free rein in the design options and plant choices the system offers. LivePanel can be easily installed on various kinds of walls.


  • Exchangeable cassettes
  • Easy installation and quick assembly: pre-planted cassettes, so little nuisance on project site
  • Low water consumption
  • Modular system
  • Indoor and outdoor application
  • Compact construction that takes up little space
  • Thermal insulation advantages
  • Noise-reducing properties
  • Low maintenance
  • Low odour
  • Contributes to a healthy climate through oxygen production and ?ne dust capture
  • Contributes to biodiversity

Green Screen

Privacy is important for many people. When planting a green hedge as divider, it’s often necessary to wait several years before the hedge is dense enough to offer privacy. Mobilane’s Green Screen means that such waiting is a thing of the past. The individual panels can be installed in an instant, but it looks as the hedge has been there for years!

This patented Mobilane system comprises a metal grid that is entirely covered with vegetation. These plants are planted in compost in a biodegradable pot, which is attached to the bottom of the metal grid. The biodegradable pot is made from coconut ?bres held together by natural latex. After planting the Green Screen, the entirely organic planters degrade within one to two years and the plants will root in the surrounding subsoil.

Green Screens can be planted throughout the year, except during frost periods. The hedges may be attached to either iron or wooden posts using specially designed brackets.

Not everyone wants the same hedge, which is why Mobilane supplies different types. This helps create variation with different types of plants, colours and heights.

As the Green Screen comes in different versions, it can be used as divider in various ways, including creating garden rooms, but also to separate patios, swimming pools or car ports.  A Green Screen also looks great in a wooden container on balconies. In short, the possibilities are endless. There are even hedges of 220 cm and 300 cm high to offer even greater privacy.

Green Screen advantages;

  • Dense, green hedge creates immediate privacy
  • Easy to maintain
  • Sustainable and attractive divider for the surroundings
  • Can be planted throughout the year, except during frost periods
  • High-quality fencing with 10-year guarantee
  • Available in different types
  • Available in different heights, depending on plant variety
  • Posts and fixing materials also available
  • Reduces air pollution 
  • Contributes to biodiversity


It is dificult to create a green environment in urban areas. And yet the MobiRoof green roofing system means you don’t need to wait years for this. MobiRoof consists of a system of sedum cassettes which are simply clicked into each other. Ideal as a green roof, for example for garden houses, garages, carports and storage buildings. A roof garden on a large roof can also be ‘greened up’ simply and quickly.

The unique lightweight cassette system is planted with various types of sedum plants and has a special substrate for rainwater drainage and storage.  Additional benefits of this system is that the cassettes can be replaced, allowing the sedum roof to be designed according to your requirements.

MobiRoof properties

  • The cassettes are made of regenerated montoxic polypropylene.
  • Substrate has proper water retention and drainage characteristics.
  • Planting exists of a mixture of various sedum species.
  • Reduce rainwater run off
  • Reduces air pollution 
  • Contributes to biodiversity